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The Membership fee is £37 per year.

Who We Are

We are a group of friendly enthusiastic film makers.  We make films for fun. We enjoy working on our own personal projects and/or Club films made collectively with other Club members.  We recognise that each member has his or her own interests.

We celebrate each other’s abilities, and enjoy learning from each other.

We have "makers", "watchers", and "boffins" in the club. (The latter enjoy the technicalities of the art.)

Learn, Make, Share

  • Improve your skills.

  • Never made a film? Start here!

  • Enjoy the company of like minded people.

  • Have fun making movies together.

  • Show your own movies to the club members and discover the pleasure of having an appreciative audience.

  • We have competitions to suit all members:
  • One minute movies,
  • Five minute movies,
  • Script writing,
  • Video to music,
  • Holiday movies,
  • Open Video Cup.

“The Awful Truth” was created in a day! A team of six SCMM members (Andy Wills, Ann Fletcher, Arthur Fletcher, Fiona Dunn, Ian Lane and Julian Austwick) conceived the story and made the film in a day as part of the Midland Movie Makers Midsummer Madness event.  It WON the competition, beating 9 other teams,including two other SCMM teams.

Getting together to make films is very enjoyable and an excellent way to learn.

Making Films Together Is Fun

Why not come along to the next club meeting?  Spend a couple hours with us and find out what the club is all about.

Visitors and new members are always welcome.

There will be no charge for your first visit.

When and Where We Meet:

2nd and 4th Thursday of the month (between September and June) at 7.45pm at the Wylde Green Community Centre, Emscote Drive, Sutton Coldfield B73 5NE

Give us a Try

The Awful Truth

You Don’t Need Fancy Equipment

This film was made with a Samsung smartphone and edited on Windows Movie Maker.

Home Alone Hannah” was SCMM member Debbie Daniels’ first entry into a SCMM competition

Have a look at our “Camera Angles Challenge” - films about making a cup of tea


Next Meeting:  

14th September 2017

Meanwhile, Members - keep an eye on your emails for news of

Workshops and Films over the summer months.

A gallery of  Making films Summer 2016

Not all members have equipment, or even make films. Some enjoy seeing what others can do and will help in any way they can.  

Members have a wide range of abilities and all of us realise that we were all beginners once. With the help and encouragement available, new members soon learn to create more satisfying productions, and even compete in Club and outside competitions.

Fiona Dunn and Julian Austwick present the films for the “Feel Good” Film Fest on 16th July. Read about it here.

Watch some of our films  - Some made in groups and some made by individuals