Scriptwriting Tip 3

SCMM WRITERS TIP SHEETS WRITING FOR THE MICRO/NO-BUDGET WRITE FOR WHAT YOU HAVE – Locations – where is available. – Props – vehicles etc – Wardrobe – what can you get, what can others provide. LOCATIONS – Condense your locations. The more you have the more difficult it becomes. ACTORS – Have in mind who […]

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Scriptwriting Tip 2

SCMM WRITERS TIP SHEETS WHAT IS ON THE PAGE Write less. You don’t need to describe everything in minute detail. White space on the page is good. Write for the reader. Take the reader through the story as if they’re watching it. There shouldn’t be anything on the page that isn’t moving the story and

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Scriptwriting Tip 1

SCMM WRITERS TIP SHEETS GENRE The genre with very often define your story. It exists and works because fundamentally it tells us what emotion we can expect to feel while we experience a certain story. As a writer it is important to understand your genre(s). Genre Type Gives Audience Comedy: Laughter & Humour Horror: Fear

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