Club Films

These films were all made by groups of Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers members!  Some are the brainchild of one person.  Some storylines have evolved through brainstorming meetings and discussion.  Members who have an idea or a script for a film ask other members for help.  Club members can assist by being actors or part of the crew.   Inexperienced film makers learn from the more experienced ones!

I Call The Shots (2022)

Intro to Mike Venables' show

Shadows (2021)

A police drama

Let’s Work Together (2020)

Music Video - SCMM lockdown collaboration

This Year Is Absurd (2020)

A Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers Panto

SCMM’s Got Talent (2020)

A fun variety show

The Ladies of Withybed Green (2020)

Featuring the poems of Mary Green

Bella (2019)

Based on the poems of Nellie Cole.

An evening with Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers (2019)

Filmed on Open Video Cup Night 2019.

The Wand (2019)

Fantasy film - collaboration with Sutton Coldfield College

Short Cut (2018)

Fiction film about a shy birdwatcher.

Aspiration (2018)

Directed by Arthur Fletcher. A short ballet performed by Lauren Pountney-Barnes.

Behind The Signs (2018)

Documentary. A look at the stories behind the names of pubs.

A Helping Hand (2018)

Fiction. Man can't sleep at night.

Moving On (2017)

Fiction: A father and daughter and the generation gap

The Attic (2017)

Fiction. Strange happenings on a farm.

It’s a Deal (2017)

A boy is left homeless

It Won’t Take A Minute (2016)

A woman asks a man for help getting into her own house.

I’m Losing You (2016)

Woman is pursued by something that frightens her...

Ties That Bind (2016)

A husband discovers something he didn't know about his wife's past.

The Guardian (2016)

Drama. Bus driver's journey with a stranger.

The Letter (2015)

A love story and a fantasy.

How The Other Half Live (2015)

Comedy. Young English aristocrat takes an American visitor for a ride.

Out of the Past (2015)

Drama. Female investigator's search for an incriminating diary.

The Shout (2015)

Firefighter suffers memory problems.

Wishes (2014)

An angel wants to get his wings, but things aren't working out quite right.

The Decision (2014)

Drama. Young woman gets the chance to 'turn the clock back'. Will she take it?

Moving Oleta (2014)

Story on the theme of dementia.

Revlooshun (2013)

Drama about a movie fan and his battle with the bottle.

Operation Black Hat

Drama. Thriller with a sci fi twist.