Copy of Member Films

A selection of videos made by individual members of

Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

Julian Austwick

Gemma’s War

Drama: Gemma struggles to adjust to civilian life.


Non-dialogue drama

This Year Is Absurd (2020)

A Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers Panto

The Wand (2019)

Fantasy film - collaboration with Sutton Coldfield College

Lubaina Himid Class Visit

Documentary featuring Turner Prize winning artist.

A 1 Minute Film Featuring an Egg

A 1 Minute Film Featuring an Egg

The Making Of It Won’t Take A Minute

Behind the scenes footage of the Club film.


Friends laugh together!

Bad Blood

Hope and Amber show how quickly disagreements can escalate!

It Won’t Take A Minute (2016)

A woman asks a man for help getting into her own house.

The Guardian (2016)

Drama. Bus driver's journey with a stranger.

The Decision (2014)

Drama. Young woman gets the chance to 'turn the clock back'. Will she take it?

Loved Another Woman

58s Blues Band music video edited by Julian Austwick.

Revlooshun (2013)

Drama about a movie fan and his battle with the bottle.
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