Member Films

A selection of videos made by individual members of

Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

Julian Austwick

Gemma’s War

Drama: Gemma struggles to adjust to civilian life.


Non-dialogue drama

This Year Is Absurd (2020)

A Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers Panto

The Wand (2019)

Fantasy film - collaboration with Sutton Coldfield College

Lubaina Himid Class Visit

Documentary featuring Turner Prize winning artist.

A 1 Minute Film Featuring an Egg

A 1 Minute Film Featuring an Egg

The Making Of It Won’t Take A Minute

Behind the scenes footage of the Club film.


Friends laugh together!

Bad Blood

Hope and Amber show how quickly disagreements can escalate!

It Won’t Take A Minute (2016)

A woman asks a man for help getting into her own house.

The Guardian (2016)

Drama. Bus driver's journey with a stranger.

The Decision (2014)

Drama. Young woman gets the chance to 'turn the clock back'. Will she take it?

Loved Another Woman

58s Blues Band music video edited by Julian Austwick.

Revlooshun (2013)

Drama about a movie fan and his battle with the bottle.

David Bardell

The Forgotten Phone DB-AC

2020 Buddy Challenge

Operation Black Buck One

2020 Falklands Anniversary


1m 'Cleaning' Challenge 2019

Maiden Voyage

1m Challenge 2018

Alex Clinch

The Forgotten Phone DB-AC

2020 Buddy Challenge

Debbie Daniels

Born to be Wild

A biker’s dream comes true!

Fringe Frenzy

A taste of the Edinburgh Fringe

A Helping Hand

A magical romcom with love, loss and heartwarming new beginnings

Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking Scene

The Doctor and Gentlewoman witness Lady Macbeth’s descent into madness

Home Alone Hannah

What’d your child do if they were left home alone?

A Helping Hand (Trailer)

Trailer for a fiction film about a man who can't sleep at night.

Fiona Dunn

How should I feel

Music Video

Keep it secret, keep it safe

One minute movie. Story. Egg challenge.

Tim Easton

Great Eggspectations

One minute movie. Story. Egg challenge.

Paul Fielding

The Studio – Experiences

Making of The Studio

Lockdown – The Human Mind

Made for lockdown challenge

Shakespeare – A Webinar

Made for "What light..." challenge

Masterbrain – Rock

Made for the Rock challenge

Jack Grainger

The Magic Shit

Comedy. What happens when Jack drinks some magic tea?

Finland (Again)

Miming a Monty Python Song


Miming a Monty Python Song

Julie Hayes

I Call The Shots (2022)

Intro to Mike Venables' show

Save Our Planet (2021)

Editing challenge


1 min story for Rock challenge

Bargain Break

5 min challenge for Fake Holiday


5 min challenge for All's Well That Ends Well

Doug Hemmings

The Blue MGB GT

Comedy. A car for sale.

Be Careful What You Wish For

One Minute Movie. Story. Egg Challenge.

Willow Paddock Pool – in the making

From bulldozers on a field to catching fish

Shaky Ground

58s Blues Band live at "Nothing but the Blues"

The Thrill is Gone

58s Blues Band music video edited by Doug Hemmings

Gordon Hunt

Magic Metal

Mini documentary

I’m Losing You (2016)

Woman is pursued by something that frightens her...

Revlooshun (2013)

Drama about a movie fan and his battle with the bottle.

Operation Black Hat

Drama. Thriller with a sci fi twist.

Hell International Station

Spoof newsreel. Imaginative use of footage from 'Blast' at Birmingham Arts Fest 2007.

Get It On

The Ample Band get it on YouTube

Steve Jakab

First Flight

Flight showing cinematic FPV filming

Buried Treasure

Story film. Escaped prisoner digs up buried treasure.

Jill Lampert

Love Them or Hate Them (2021)

A look at e-scooters in Birmingham

Fringe Frenzy

Documentary. Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Lady MacBeth Sleepwalking

Act 5 Scene 1 – Shakespeare’s Macbeth


1 minute joke with animation

It’s Cold Outside

1 minute joke with animation

Swiss Goat Festival

A goat festival in Brig in Southern Switzerland 2019

Time for Tea

1 minute. In praise of the Great British Cuppa

Being Ruby’s Mum

Documentary. Interview with Kim Whapples

Super Overs

Documentary. A Day of Women’s Cricket 2019

Bat ‘n Ball

Documentary. A passion for cricket.

Young Performers

Documentary. Birmingham Youth Theatre


Documentary about a young performer

Feel Good Fire Breathing

Documentary about fire breathing

A Naked Egg

One Minute Movie. Story. Egg Challenge.

Master of the House

Birmingham Youth Theatre in rehearsal and performance - music video

The Best Day of My Life

Birmingham Youth Theatre in rehearsal and performance - music video

The Madness

Documentary. Recovering addicts at See Change.

Picnicking in Jan’s Garden

Jan Rapport tells us about the crows that visit her garden.

When We Were Young

Nikki Stewart sings "When We Were Young".

Let it Be

Nikki Stewart sings "Let it Be".

The Newbury Coat Challenge

Kennet Valley guild of weavers, spinners and dyers

Graveyard of the Sparrows

One minute film. Story about a statue in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid


One minute film. Origins of Tapas

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ella and Nikki having fun.

Parenting Styles

Nature. How water birds care for their young.

A Bright Idea

Ella baking.

The Patient Fisherman

Nature film about The Grey Heron

I’m Bored

One minute film. Mini story with special effects.

Bicycle Race

Montage of Sky Ride event in Birmingham 2010 to Queen's song of that title.

Catalan Adventure

A walking holiday in Catalonia.

Dreamy Knight

Fantasy using mix of live action with animation. Boy battles with his toy knights who have imprisoned his sister in his toy castle.

Running Together

Father and daughter prepare for and run the Sheffield half marathon in 2011.


One minute film. Fun film about decorated bollards.

The Little Shoemaker

Stop-motion animation interpretation of the song.

Ian Lane

Playing A Round with A Ladder

There's more than the length of the broom between the actors

An evening with Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers (2019)

Filmed on Open Video Cup Night 2019.

Wilful Independent

Music video with Robert Lane

Art Restoration

One Minute comedy.

The Egg Challenge

One Minute comedy.

Facing West

Music video with Robert Lane.

Maud and Raymond’s Holiday Vlog

Comedy about a couple's holiday and their relationship with their neighbours

Break Me Down

Robert Lane and Kyshona Armstrong perform - music video

Movie Making One Frame at a Time

Imaginative description of an animation workshop.

Teardrop Tattoo

Sung by Robert Lane. Music video with original drawings by Ian Lane.

Roger Lawrie

Man is Like a Rat

César Manrique. Life's journey from New York back to Lanzarote

Culture and Cuisine

The charm, culture and cuisine of Paris.

I Can Fly

Experience Paragliding on the Long Mynd.

To Autumn

A seasonal film, based the Keates poem.

Doc’s Not Home

Filming of Doc Martin in Port Issac, Cornwall


Exhibition of Drawings from the Royal Collection.

Our Little Theatre

The story of Sutton Arts Theatre, Royal Sutton Coldfield.

End of the day

Sunset at Kolanta, Thailand.

Edinburgh feels like hame

Soak up the atmosphere and sights of this wonderful city.

Roman Bath

A guided tour round the UNESCO World Heritage site Bath.

Great Train Journeys. The Rocky Mountaineer – Jasper to Vancouver

Spectacular train journey through Canada's Rocky Mountains.

Not Just An Airport

A top ten world destination.

Kill The Indian in The Child

Canada, are the Native First Nation People paying the price?


One minute film. Roland Emett, a wacky inventor!


A one minute comedy

Alan Moore

Kyrie Eleison

Choir at St James' Church in Sutton Coldfield - music video

It’s a Deal (2017)

A boy is left homeless

My Tractor

Chris Smith and his tractor at Canwell Agricultural Show.

First Sail

Cuillin (14ft 6in boat) is launched.

Jack And Andi

Jack And Andi at the West Midlands Safari Park

Dónal Murray-Ferris


The story of two brothers separated by the Covid-19 lockdown

Galway Girl

St Patrick's Day Parade 2017, Digbeth, Birmingham

Through a Child’s Eyes

Making a cup of tea from the point of view of a child

Ian Reed

Shadows (2021)

A police drama


Anyone got a spare bumper?

Birchmoor VE Day Short

75th anniversary of WW2 live entertainment in Birchmoor.

Birchmoor Community Action Team

Birchmoor in Lock Down. The Birchmoor community response to COVID-19.

Autumn Dales

Music video Yorkshire Dales

Bare Essentials

A week away with several surprises

Just One of Those Days

Documentary. A hot summer's day in 2018.


Winter scenes


Polesworth & Tamworth in the Snow


The history of the L and B line

Not Just Boycie

Conversation with John Challis of Boycie fame

How The Other Half Live (2015)

Comedy. Young English aristocrat takes an American visitor for a ride.

Out of the Past (2015)

Drama. Female investigator's search for an incriminating diary.

A Little Bit of Italy

Documentary. William Waldorf Astor and the Italian Garden at Hever Castle.

Wishes (2014)

An angel wants to get his wings, but things aren't working out quite right.

Jack Reid

Lockdown (2021)

‘Spoof’ Government regulations about ‘Lock-Down’.

AofN51 (2021)

A tour of our back-garden during “Lock-Down’.

C Bird (2021)

A very short ‘visual joke’ about interviewing a ‘Spanish’ seagull!

Jamie! (2021)

A film ‘homage’ to Jamie Oliver and his T.V. cooking programme, by me making ratatouille!

Version 3 (2021)

How to use a ‘solar telescope’ to view the transit of Mercury.

“Locks” (2021)

'Un-locking' our garden after ‘Lock-Down’

Sign of the Times (2021)

A very short tiktok-style joke film of government COVID information.

Kitchen Jan21 (2021)

A drunken cooking lesson during ‘Lock-Down’.

Countdown 2Sept21 (2021)

Film clips from SCMM members' previous films to inspire them to return to Club Nights and make more films.

Nature’s Clock (2021)

A film for Climate Week about countryside development. 2021

Stand Together (2022)

Music Video Challenge 2022

H2O (2022)

Music Video Challenge 2022

Short Cut (2018)

Fiction film about a shy birdwatcher.

Robin Slater


Gangster comedy

Middleton Hall

Video to music. Middleton Hall in Warwickshire.

Paula Webster

Sons of the Savanna

How can cattle ranching help a rare bird?

Life on the Road

Come with us on our road to adventure!

Blood Red Dance

How does a young Wayuu girl chooses a husband?


Let’s save a rare anaconda!

High Hummers

How do tiny hummingbirds survive at high altitude?

The Rock

Stunning Birdlife of the Chilean Coast

The Man who Paints Hummingbirds

Discover how an artist fell in love with hummingbirds

Patagonia National Park

A conservation success story from Southern Chile.

Los Amigos, Amazonia’s Biodiversity Hotspot

Wildlife documentary from Peru

The Cloud Forest – A Special Place for Birds

Documentary. Explore the rich birdlife in the Peruvian Cloud Forest.

Living Wild in South America

Documentary. Join in with our adventures in South America

Tango in the Wind

Documentary about conservation of the Hooded Grebe, filmed in Patagonia.

One Man and His Macaws

Documentary filmed in Brazil. Mr Modesto's red and green macaws.

Andy Wills

Blue John

Hang Gliding at Blue John

Shadows of a Silhouette

Alfreton Party in the Park Shadows of a Silhouette 2019

Hearing Colour

Alfreton Party in the Park Hearing Colour 2019

Eyam Covid-19

Covid-19 a touch of De ja view -Eyam

RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2019

Chatsworth RHS Flower Show 2019

Bakewell Day of Dance 2019

Bakewell Day of Dance Festival 2019

Playing Around Andy’s edit

Each character was shot in a separate location during lockdown.

An evening with Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers (2019)

Filmed on Open Video Cup Night 2019.

Sutton Club Fair

Documentary. SCMM at a Club Fair in Sutton Coldfield Library

Making A Cup Of Tea

Making A Cup Of Tea

The Attic (2017)

Fiction. Strange happenings on a farm.

I Wish

Andy on guitar with fantasy audience - music video

The Attic (Trailer)

Trailer for scary drama.

Amber’s Donkey

Launch of the book "Amber's Donkey"

Calke Abbey

Documentary. Grade I listed house.

I Just Wanna Make Love to You

58s Blues Band music video edited by Andy Wills

Ullswater Lake

Documentary featuring a boat trip on Ullswater Lake

Appleby in Westmorland

Documentary. Market town in Cumbria.