10th June 2019

Open Video Cup – judged by Paul Kittel

Some members of SCMM filmed at the club that night for a promo for use at UNICA.  So lots of cameras around!

Paul Kittel sent a video of himself for us to watch at the beginning of the evening.  He described what he was looking for in our films:

“While judging this competition I’ve looked for all the criteria that you would expect me to look for.  I’m looking for good camera work.  I’m looking for good sound and editing.  In dramas I’m looking for good acting.  In documentaries I’m looking for good writing and a good narration. But I’m also looking for two other essential ingredients.  Filmmaking is an art form, and as such it needs to experiment to improve.  So I’m also looking for experimentation and innovation.”

There were 17 entries:

  1. The Blue MGB GT - Doug Hemmings
  2. 500,000 – Jack Reid
  3. Edinburgh Castle One O'clock Gun – Tim Easton
  4. Fringe Frenzy – Debbie Daniels
  5. Fine Art Restoration – Ian Lane
  6. If a motorbike can do it – Paula Webster
  7. Leonardo – Roger Lawrie
  8. Just in Time – Jack Reid
  9. Dust if you must – Ian Lane
  10. Bat 'n Ball – Jill Lampert
  11. Blue Lady – Arthur Fletcher
  12. Beeze – Jack Reid
  13. South Devon Railway – Tim Easton
  14. Kill the Indian in the Child – Roger Lawrie
  15. Wheelbarrows and Poets – Ian Lane
  16. Hit – Robin Slater
  17. The Sound of Silence – Jack Reid

The results were:

Winner:   Bat ‘n Ball – Jill Lampert

2ndKill the Indian in the Child – Roger Lawrie

3rdFringe Frenzy – Debbie Daniels

Best Original Sound:  The Blue MGB GT – Doug Hemmings

Best Editing:  Kill the Indian in the Child – Roger Lawrie

Best Cinematography:  Bat ‘n Ball – Jill Lampert


Paul Kittel provided two versions of ‘video comments’ for each film.  A brief one for showing on the night, and a longer one for the filmmaker to take home.

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