10th May 2018

Roz Gower - How to find and research a Documentary story and how to make it interesting and televisual


We were lucky to have an evening with Roz Gower who is an experienced mainstream television documentary producer and editor.   We knew her because she'd judged our Video Cup competition last year when we'd been impressed by her comments.  This evening she went through all the stages that the creation of a documentary entails.


Roz has been kind enough to allow us to make a .pdf of her presentation available here.

Roz split the audience into 'production teams' giving each a piece of paper with a topic for a documentary. During the evening she asked questions about the difficulties we might face and possible titles for our documentaries.

During question time, Roz was asked about the conventions about showing interviewers on screen and how these are different from showing the presenter on screen.  Mike Duxbury (right) took the part of her guinea pig interviewee.

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