11th April 2019

Midland Movie Makers League at Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers

Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers belongs to a group of clubs called Midland Movie Makers.  Each year MMM holds an inter-club league.  Each club hosts one leg.  Last night it was our turn.   We had five films to watch and we had to rank them in order of preference.  The results are combined with the results of all the other legs, and the winning club is awarded a trophy.

John Gibbs

John Gibbs, Chairman of Midland Movie Makers

The results were:

Winner:  The Great Whin Sill - Nuneaton Moviemakers

2nd:  From Wrecks to Riches - Leicester Movie Makers

Joint 3rd: Goodbye Highfield - W.A.V.E.

Joint 3rd: The Love of My Life - Lichfield Movie Makers

5th: The City. The Nation. The Wine. - Derby Movie Makers


Ken Peake, Competitions Secretary for Midland Movie Makers

We Celebrated Geoff Bate-Jones' 90th Birthday!

Geoff and cake
Geoff at 90
Black n white photo
Back in the day
Still fun times
Happy Birthday

And rounded off the evening with some of Doug Hemmings' thoughts on how to use royalty free music to create different moods in our films.


Doug Hemmings

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