11th January 2018

Camera Tournament and Gadget Show

The evening began with the "Camera Tournament".  Ian Reed presented a visual comparison of four different cameras/camcorders:

  • Sony HXR NX30E

  • Sony DSC RX100

  • Panasonic HC – X920

  • Panasonic GH4

Ian Reed, Doug Hemmings, Andy Wills and Patrick Woodcock had filmed the same scenes with these four cameras.  We were shown the shots and asked to rate them.  We didn’t know which camera was which, and so our voting was unbiassed.  Oddly the camera that came out top was the Sony DSC RX100 which is a small low cost camera.  Ian stressed that both the filming and the voting were unscientific, and so the results shouldn’t be taken seriously!!! Nevertheless it was fun to see the differences. The four who did the filming felt that the greatest difference was notable in low light.

Winning Camera

Doug Hemmings holds up his winning camera the SONY DSC RX100. Right: Ian Reed


The rest of the evening was devoted to the gadget show. Members were invited to bring along equipment/gadgets to display to other members.  There was a huge variety – many home made items as well as a wide range of commercially produced gadgets.  We enjoyed going round the room and looking at/trying out each other’s offerings.

Ian's crane
Alan with stabiliser
Andy with wheel
Gordon Zhiyun Crane
Alan's crossbar
Alan's table dolly
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