12th April 2018

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A terrific evening of new films!  26  in all:   a record number!

The evening kicked off with Arthur Fletcher showing a film he'd put together as a taster for the ballet film "Aspiration" which is a work in progress.   The film features SCMM member Neil Pountney's granddaughter Lauren who aspires to be a ballet dancer.  Arthur and his team of SCMM members filmed Lauren at the Midlands Arts Centre where Neil Pountney had hired the theatre for the day.

One Minute films with an egg in them

Gone Egg – Neil O’Neil

An Eggsperimental Film – Gordon Hunt, Jill Lampert, Dave Kinnaird

The Clinch that Stole Easter – Alex Clinch

Eating Egg – Debbie Daniels

Great Eggspectations – Tim Easton

Be Careful What you Wish For – Doug Hemmings

Keep it Secret.  Keep it Safe. – Fiona Dunn

A Naked Egg – Jill Lampert

Turkey Twister – Jack Reid

All Because… - Ann and Arthur Fletcher

Be careful what you wish for – Andy Wills

Egg River – Lawrence Constantine

A 1 Minute Film Featuring an Egg – Julian Austwick

Ready, Eggy, Go – Ian lane

Later the One Minute Movie Challenge films were screened.  The challenge was to make a one minute films with an egg in it was screened and there were 14 cracking entries in this.  Every single one featured an egg!

It was a wonderful demonstration of the creativity there is in the club.

It is remarkable that last year, when we had a 5 minute and a one minute film competition we had a total of 7 entries.  This year, with challenges - NOT a competition - and every film appreciated, we had 24 entries.

Lubaina Himid

Julian Austwick's 5 minute film featured Turner Prize winning artist Lubaina Himid

Keep it Secret

"Keep it Secret. Keep it Safe." is the first film that Fiona Dunn has ever filmed and edited herself

Gordon Hunt worked with the very helpful Chris (Head Lighting Technician at the MAC) to create the lighting

Lady Macbeth

Jess Hakin as Lady Macbeth


Gordon Hunt and Dave Kinnaird in "An Eggsperimental Film"

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Lauren's great-grandmother was once a ballerina and she came to watch the fun

Five Minute Films

Thing 1 - Neil O'Neil

Football Remembers - David Bardell

Zak - Jill Lampert

Thing 2 - Neil O'Neil

5 Minute Egg - Jack Reid

Behind Fjom - Ian Reed

The Mealticket Monologue - Neil O'Neil

Thursegg - Anonymous (it emerged that it was made by SCMM member Dave Kinnaird)

Maud and Raymond’s Holiday Vlog Part 2 - Ian Lane

Lubaina Himid Class Visit - Julian Austwick

Jack projecting 600

Jack Reid had the unenviable task of being the projectionist for 26 films

Next came the Five Minute Movie Challenge.  This year the challenge was to make a film about a person and to include in it a piece to camera.   Films under 5 minutes in length were accepted even if they did not attempt to be about a person and include a piece to camera.  There were ten films shown in this category.

Football Remembers

David Bardell's 5 Minute film "Football Remembers" was the first 'finished' film he's ever shown at the club

Clinch stole Easte 600

"The Clinch that Stole Easter" is the first film that Alex Clinch has ever filmed and edited

Finally, on a very different note, we watched a film of the Lady Macbeth Sleepwalking Scene (Act 5 Scene 1) from Shakespeare's Macbeth. The film may be the first film shown at the club with an all women cast and crew?  Debbie Daniels and Jill Lampert made the film, which stars Fiona Dunn and Jill's grandchildren Jess and Ella Hakin.  Perhaps it is also the first time members of the club have attempted some Shakespeare?

Great Eggspectations

"Great Eggspectations" is the first film that Tim Easton has made which doesn't feature trains!

Audience 2
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Lauren Jean Pountney-Barnes

All Because

Ann and Arthur Fletcher's "All Because..."


Jill Lampert's "Zak"

Eating Egg

"Eating Egg" by Debbie Daniels


Ian Reed's "Fjom"

Gonne Egg

"Gone Egg" by Neil O'Neil with animation by Lawrence Constantine

Jack's five min film

Jack Reid in his "5 Minute Egg"

Julian's Egg film

Ian Lane in Julian Austwick's film " A 1 Minute Film Featuring an Egg"

Ready, Eggy, Go

Ian Lane's "Ready, Eggy, Go"

The Naked Egg

"A Naked Egg" by Jill Lampert

Turkey Twister

Jack Reid's "Turkey Twister"

Doug Egg film

By coincidence Doug Hemmings chose exactly the same title as Andy Wills for his egg challenge film:  "Be Careful What You Wish For"

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