12th December 2019

Fish ‘n Chip Night

Fish ‘n Chip night was our Christmas celebration and there was a festive atmosphere as we ate our delicious fish ‘n chips kindly brought in by Jack Reid.

The Editing Challenge

At the beginning of the season members were given footage for an editing challenge.  The subject was a (fictional) character called Fred Pollock (played by Doug Hemmings) who was a fisherman.  Footage of him fishing and him being interviewed was provided, along with background material.  The task was to make the most engaging documentary (max 3 min.) we could with the material provided.

As we have come to expect at Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers, there were some wonderful interpretations of the task.  They ranged from terrific comedy through a serious sad documentary about the passing of Fred’s father to straight documentaries.  Mike Duxbury had kindly prepared a very high class edit of the material – which he sent over from Australia.

Just in Time

We held the premiere showing at the club of Just in Time, a film made by Ann and Arthur Fletcher, Jack Reid and Ian Lane.  It's a comedy about two ‘old codgers’ remembering their youth in the context of wonderful shots of The Black Country Living Museum.  It was very well received.

Our Challenges are so popular that sometimes we don't have time on the night to watch them all.  We ended the evening with some fun films made for earlier Challenges:

Extra Films:

Autumn Dales – Ian Reed

Brief Encounter – Ann and Arthur Fletcher

It’s not a football Match – Daren Ward

Lost in Time – Ann and Arthur Fletcher

Seagulls – Ian Lane

Editing Challenge Films:

Fishing in Your Sleep – Gordon Hunt

Fishing with Fred Pollock – Jack Reid

Fred Pollock at Coppice Pools – Daren Ward

Is Fishing Relaxing? – Gordon Hunt



Reflections – Alan Moore

Relaxing Hobbies – Ian Lane

The Big One – Jill Lampert

The One that Nearly Got Away – Ann and Arthur Fletcher

Untitled – Mike Duxbury

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