12th January 2017

Katie Stewart on Vox Pops, Pieces to Camera, and Interviews


Roger Lawrie preparing for a piece to camera


Julian Austwick and Alan Moore


Katie with her Mum - SCMM member Jill Lampert


Julian filming Dave Kinnaird doing his piece to camera


Alan Moore with Debbie Daniels


Gordon Hunt introduces Katie Stewart

Katie Stewart, who lectures in Broadcast Journalism at Sheffield University, gave us an excellent presentation on when and how to use these techniques to enhance our documentaries.  She gave us plenty of practical advice about how to do these things effectively and showed us examples of good practice. She invited questions from the audience and as usual members were eager with questions and comments, clearly enjoying participating in the evening.  And she left handouts!

The second half was practical.  Fiona Dunn, Roger Lawrie and Dave Kinnaird each had a go at pieces to camera. Alan Moore took hold of the microphone and did an off the cuff “walking” interview session around the room.  Ian Reed devised a vox pop question which was responded to by Dave Kinnaird, Jill Lampert, Gordon Hunt, Debbie Daniels, Tim Easton and Ann Fletcher.

Julian Austwick ably chased everyone round the room with his 4K Panasonic camera.  See here for Julian’s edited version:

Experiments with Vox Pops, PTCs and Interviews

It was a fun evening with lots of useful information and tips.  Hopefully the practical experience will have consolidated what we’d learnt - let’s see if we can liven up our documentaries with these new skills.

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