12th March 2020

Fayyaz Virji – Composer, Arranger, Producer and Musician

Music in Film



Fayyaz Virji was our guest speaker tonight.  His work was already known to us because he composed the music for Ann and Arthur Fletcher’s Moving On and Julian Austwick’s The Race to Death’s Door.   He gave an extremely interesting presentation which included some discussion of films/tv programmes that he had composed for, as well as demonstrations of what a difference music can make to a scene.

Here are some comments made by members:

“A great eye-opener on how music is produced for TV, video etc.  Very generous to spend time with us. I was stunned at all the tiny animal sounds/wind moans etc he was using in the Egyptian animal sequence.  I am going to listen more intelligently in the future. Obviously prepared the evening well!  This takes time.”

"Fayyaz was inspirational. He made me consider the importance of music to film, how it can set the mood and add to the visuals, emphasising some moments of on-screen action. It will make me think more about making music more closely fit the story. Perhaps to modify or add to an existing piece making a better fit. So I will be playing around with Garage Band to see what I can learn."

“Fayyaz - what a professional, so interesting to see how he works.  I feel like I could try and do something with Garageband maybe, if I put my mind to learning about the program, having listened to him.  He showed us some lovely examples and really made me think about the effect of music over film. Incredibly powerful in extending the message and adding emotion.”

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