12th October 2017

Holiday Movie Challenge

A fun evening watching each other's holiday movies.

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What was special about this evening was that instead of the usual holiday competition, there was no competition - just enjoying showing our films and getting some feedback.

Watch Out

The first film projected was Jill Lampert's mini drama "Watch Out", which was filmed in an hour.

Roger Lawrie's film was a one minute look at "Water" in Canada.

Water Canada
Tim's film

"Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway" was Tim Easton's contribution.

Appreciative Audience

For many of us showing a film is nerve-wracking.  Each of us has put our heart and soul into making the film, and we hope people will think well of it.  We know it’s not perfect, but we’ve done our best.  If the audience seems to enjoy it, we’re walking on air.

Galway Girl
Maud and Raymond

Donal Murray-Ferris showed us "Galway Girl" which was a film to music about the St Patrick's Day Parade in Digbeth, Birmingham 2017.

"Maud and Raymond's Holiday Vlog" was Ian Lane's first contribution - a comedy.

Jack Reid's "Words" was a serious documentary about Virginia Woolf.

Learning to do better next time

Interestingly, many of us find that just watching our own film in the presence of an audience helps us to see how we could do better next time.  Getting positive feedback can encourage us to make another film and builds our self-confidence.

NORFOLK 02.Movie_Snapshot
SCMM Lins 70th Birthday Weekend v0.2
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Ian Reed's film "Norfolk Surprise" featured guess what?  Seals!

"A Weekend to the IOW" was David Bardell's work in progress about a holiday celebrating his sister's birthday.

Ann and Arthur Fletcher pulled one from their archives featuring a Marty Wilde concert: "A Weekend Away".

Looking for what’s good

When filmmakers watch other filmmakers’ films, the things that they immediately pick up on are usually not the good things about the film, but the mistakes!  There’s a reason for that – and that is that we are all still learning, and we're used to watching our own films and closely searching for technical weaknesses.  So we have to force ourselves to look first for the good in each other’s films.

The Crooked Spire
organ grinder

Andy Wills' "The Crooked Spire" was a documentary about the Church of St Mary and All Saints in Chesterfield.

"Entrevaux" was Jill Lampert's film about this French town in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Ian Lane's second film was a one minute look at the "Trueman Street Organ".

On Thursday night we had 13 films to watch. The atmosphere was wonderful – lots of jokes and banter.  We were thrilled that so many members showed us their films.  People found good things to say about every film. Any criticisms were phrased constructively, leaving film makers keen to have another go.

Lazy Afternoon b

Neil Pountney showed his film "Lazy Afternoon" about a canal trip with his family.

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