13th September 2018

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Golden Oldie

Golden Oldie – A Midsummer Madness film in a day made by team “Sutton’s Seeds” (Andy, Ann, Arthur, Jack Reid, Kevin and Tim) . A humorous interpretation of a song.

Armchair Action Man

Armchair Action Man – a re-edit of the Midsummer Madness comedy film in a day “Action Man” made by team “Sutton Hot Shots” (Debbie, Ian Lane, Jill, Mike Duxbury)

The Golden Oldie

The Golden Oldie – a re-edit of the Midsummer Madness film in a day comedy made by "Sutton Sunshine" (Ian Reed, Paula and Mike Webster, Gordon and Trevor)

Just One of those Days

Just One of those Days a holiday film made by Ian Reed. Edited to look like it was one day of his holiday for our 'Hol-1-day' challenge in October.

Ponies in the Park

Ponies in the Park – a re-edit of a documentary film about the ponies in Sutton Park originally made ten years ago by Alan Moore.

Short Cut

Short Cut – a fiction film based on a story by Jack Reid and directed by Jack Reid and Arthur Fletcher.  Other club members took part in this film as actors or crew: Julian Austwick, Fiona Dunn, Ann Fletcher, Ian Lane, Ian Reed, Jill Lampert, Andy Wills, Alan Moore and Gordon Hunt.

The Blue MGB.GT

The Blue MGB.GT – a comedy by Doug Hemmings with help on camera from Andy Wills.  Doug invited people from outside the club to act in this film.

Behind the Signs

Behind the Signs – a documentary film about pub signs.  The idea for this film came from Arthur Fletcher.  He and Mike Duxbury introduced the idea at the beginning of last season and with Ann Fletcher they formed an umbrella group to give help to anyone who needed it.  Other members of the club were formed into three groups which each produced a film about the origins of a pub sign. In each group members were invited to have a go at aspects of filmmaking that they’d never tried before.  So we had new directors/producers/editors/scriptwriters.   Arthur, Ann and Mike then created a linking story to bind the three little films to make one documentary.  A terrific initiative by Arthur Fletcher!  27 members took part!

The Race to Death's Door

The Race to Death’s Door – A comedy fiction film written and directed by Julian Austwick.  Edited by Julian with the help of Mike Duxbury. This is an ambitious film with many locations and a large cast.  Approximately 30 people took part in the film as actors and/or crew.  Original music by Fayyaz Virji.

The first meeting of the season was an opportunity to watch the films made over the summer.  And what a terrific programme it was!

The three films below described as 'Midsummer Madness' films were made at an event organised by Midland Movie Makers on 24th June.  At 9am we were given a choice of two titles:  'Golden Oldie' or 'Action Man' and asked to think up a story and make a film in a day ready to hand in for the competition at 7pm that night.

Summer Films

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