14th March 2019

Genre + Discussion of Oscar Winning Films

Debbie Daniels opened the evening with a PowerPoint presentation on genre.  She explained what is meant by the term ‘genre’ and then looked at what we expect to see in films of various different genres.  If we know what genre a film is before we see it, that may help us decide whether or not it's the sort to thing we would enjoy.


Julian Austwick led a discussion about three Oscar winning films:  La La Land, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Roma.

He had prepared a little film by way of introduction – it included himself playing the roles of some of the people in the various films…

Lala land

Julian introducing the opening scene of La La Land.

Grand B Hotel

Julian’s take on The Grand Budapest Hotel


Julian showing us his version of one of the first scenes in ROMA.

There was a lively discussion afterwards and it was interesting to note that the audience was full of criticisms of each of these films which have won top awards.  It just shows that we shouldn’t be surprised when people find fault with our little films – even Oscar winning films are never perfect!

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