14th September 2017

Summer Films


The meeting began with a unanimous vote to hold Challenges instead of Competitions for four of our competition slots.  The Holiday Video, Music Video, the 1 Minute and 5 Minute film Competitions will all be replaced by Challenges.  

The change has been prompted by a drop in the number of entries in these competitions, and an enthusiasm for the Cup of Tea challenge held last season. 

We hope that the change will lead to more films being made.  Every time we make a film we learn something, so hopefully if we make more films we'll make better films.  We will give each other feedback couched in positive, constructive terms.  In a competition there is only one winner and many go away disappointed.  With no competition, we can celebrate each other's filmmaking and everyone can go away feeling good about their film having been appreciated.  Details are on the programme.

140917_IMGP1249 -1
140917_IMGP1248 -1






Script Evening

It was also agreed that instead of having a Script Competition we would have a Script Evening .  We will present our script ideas (in outline) to the meeting, and then time will be given for discussing how the ideas could be progressed from idea to script to a finished film, with opportunities for Club members to indicate their interest in being part of film making teams.

It was agreed that these changes would be reviewed at the AGM in June.

Summer Films

The highlight of the evening was the premiere of Ann and Arthur Fletcher's latest film Moving On.

140917_Moving On Poster

This was followed by a rich crop of films including: Black and White - Sutton Sopranos, Full House - Sutton Donuts, The Return of Mr Benn - Sutton's Crackers, "Feel Good" Fest Promo, "Feel Good" Fest Reactions, Doug Hemmings' film Willow Paddock Pool - in the Making, Debbie Daniels' trailer for A Helping Hand and a clip of Debbie's interview on The Lowdown Birmingham on Made in Birmingham TV.

Trailer - A Helping Hand

"Feel Good" Reactions


Full House


The Return of Mr Benn

"Feel Good" Promo

Debbie's TV Interview

Black and White

Proposed Documentary Project

Arthur Fletcher and Mike Duxbury introduced their exciting project for making a Club documentary.  The plan is that we'll split into three teams.  Each team will make a 5 minute documentary and the three mini films will be combined to make a 15 minute documentary with a story to tie them together.  Arthur (and Ann) and Mike hope that as many members as possible will take part, and that people with little experience will have a go at new roles.   Arthur and Ann and Mike and other experienced members will be at hand to give support.

140917_IMGP1245 -1

Arthur Fletcher

140917_IMGP1246 -2

Mike Duxbury

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