22nd February 2018

Story Ideas Evening

This was an opportunity for Club members to share their story ideas for films and to look for any help they might like to have to get their stories to the script and then filming stage.    We heard story ideas from 10 members – some of them put forward more than one idea.  With this rich treasure of story ideas we should be able to produce some cracking films.

Mike Hussey 22Feb

Mike Hussey read out two of his story ideas

After an extended tea break to give plenty of time for discussion, Mike Parris showed us a film he and Kevin Edwards had made, demonstrating a variety of low cost devices designed to help to stabilise the camera to achieve steadier handheld camera work.

Mike Parris 22nd Feb

Mike Parris with a stabilising handle and a monopod

Mike Parris a 22 feb
Mike Parris c 22 Feb
MIke Parris b 22 Feb

Mike Parris with various stabilising devices in the film made by he and Kevin Edwards

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