22nd June 2017


Annual General Meeting and Presentation of Awards


The new committee will be:

Chairman - Gordon Hunt, Secretary - Debbie Daniels, Treasurer - Andy Wills, Competitions Sec - Tim Easton, External Comps Sec/Membership Sec - Jill Lampert, and Julian Austwick, Doug Hemmings and Roger Lawrie.

Trophies were presented for the following:

Entertainment Award - Julian Austwick for “Friends”

Best Editing - Ian Lane for “Teardrop Tattoo”

Best Cinematography - Mike Duxbury for “A Cup above the Rest”

Best Sound - Ian Lane for “Teardrop Tattoo”

Chairman’s Cup - Andy Wills for getting “The Attic” made in Wales.

Framed Certificates were presented for:

Video Cup - Julian Austwick for “Friends”

2nd Place – Ian Lane for “Teardrop Tattoo”

3rd Place - Arthur and Ann Fletcher for “Settling In”

4th Place - Mike Duxbury for “A Cup Above the Rest”

5 Minute Film - Ian lane for “The Last Cup”

1 Minute Film - Jill Lampert for “House Proud”

Music Video - Fiona Dunn for “How Should I Feel?”

Holiday Video - Ian Reed for “Perchance it’s Awake!”

Steve Jakab, Patrick Woodcock and Donal Ferris had each edited their group’s Breakfast TV footage which was filmed at the meeting on 23rd March.  And Andy Wills showed his film “The Attic” for the first time.  Time was given for feedback, and members were very positive about Andy’s film.


SCMM officers at the start of the meeting


Debbie Daniels - our new Secretary

Gordon Hunt - voted in as Chairman again


Ian Reed

Jill Lampert


Fiona Dunn with Tim Easton


Andy Wills takes a selfie as he’s presented with the Chairman’s Cup and Certificate


Julian Austwick receives a surprise award - a framed copy of a newspaper article which incorrectly states his age as 80 (which is almost twice his actual age!)


Mike Hussey, Dave Kinnaird and Roger Lawrie

Arthur Fletcher and Neil Pountney

Gordon Hunt, Donal Ferris and David Bardell

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