23rd April 2020

Challenge:  5 Minute film with a Person in it


Here we are under Coronavirus lockdown, and yet we managed to produce a record number of films to watch tonight. 15 for the Challenge and 3 Bonus films:

  1. Paul Fielding: Lockdown
  2. Roger Lawrie: A Better World  
  3. Ann ‘n Arf:  Bygone Days  
  4. Robin:  Gut Feeling 
  5. Ann ‘n Arf:  Come Tomorrow 
  6. Donal:  Isolation 
  7.  Debbie:  Born to be Wild 
  8. Andy: Tale of Two Sails    
  9. Jules: How Could I forget 
  10. Jack Reid: Version 3
  11. Paula: The Man Who Paints Humming Birds
  12. Julian ‘n Jill: Being Ruby’s Mum
  13. Ian Lane: Maud and Raymond’s Holiday Vlog – part 4 (Day 7)
  14. Patrick: ‘Mum’ Simone Bonneford-Excler
  15. Jill: Super Overs



  1. Alan: For Barry and Freda   
  2. Robin: Kingsbury Water Park
  3. Julian: Lockdown, Laughter and Lies



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