23rd January 2020

Script Evening + Julian Austwick on “The Making of The Wand


Over recent years we have been trying different things on Script Evening, and this year we were looking for illustrations.  Members were asked to present their script ideas briefly and to select a few pictures or create a mood board or poster.  The purpose was to help the audience to envisage and remember the script ideas.  This was very successful. Everyone produced visual material, and Ann and Arthur Fletcher and Roger Lawrie made trailers to go with their script ideas.

There were 8 really interesting entries:

  1. Spiegel Spiegel by Jack Reid
  2. Reflections by Ian Reed
  3. Scenarios by Paul Fielding
  4. Cruising To Disaster by Roger Lawrie
  5. Weekend Warrior by Richard Blades
  6. The Ladies Of Withybed Green by Ann and Arthur Fletcher
  7. A Time To Remember by Paul Fielding
  8. Justice by Julian Austwick

In the second part of the evening, Julian Austwick described the process of making The Wand in collaboration with Sutton Coldfield College, and he showed a ‘making of’ film edited (and largely filmed) by Debbie Daniels.  (See the Happenings page for more about the making of The Wand.)

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