23rd May 2019

Gordon Hunt on Editing + Finding the Story

Gordon showed us some sound editing tricks.   How to sync sounds on different tracks where no clapperboard has been used.  The importance of listening to the audio track with your eyes closed. How to edit to a song so that the end of the song/tune ends when the film ends.   And how to find the beat to music so as to cut pictures in time to the music.

A treat was new member Paul Fielding’s first film:  Planet Suburbia

And finally, Debbie and Jill’s Edinburgh Festival Footage.   Debbie, Julian and Mike Duxbury each had a go at editing the footage which featured Debbie at the Edinburgh Festival.   Debbie’s film was called “Walking the Streets”, Julian’s “Debbie’s Fringe” and Mike’s “Fringe Frenzy”.  The aim was to see how each of these editors had gone about finding the story from the footage.  All were good, but Mike Duxbury’s version showed us that 35 years of professional editing does show!

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