23rd November 2017

23rd November 2017 – Music Video Challenge

Once again the idea of having a challenge instead of a competition went well.  Seven films were shown:

  1. Spike and Friends – by Jack Reid

  2. I Wish – Andy Wills

  3. The Best Day of My Life – Jill Lampert

  4. Break me Down – Ian Lane

  5. To Autumn – Roger Lawrie

  6. Kyrie Eleison – Alan Moore

  7. Upton Court – Patrick Woodcock.

After each film there was constructive feedback and discussion of different ways of tackling problems filmmakers had faced.

We also watched Patrick Woodcock’s holiday film which couldn’t be shown on the Holiday Challenge night as he wasn’t able to be there.  It is called “Christmas in Austria”.

And we watched Ian Reed’s film about lighting a moving actor. 

Kyrie Eleison

Alan Moore's Kyrie Eleison is one from the archives and showed off his skill at hand held cinematography


Jack Reid's film had a hedgehog dancing.

IMGP2605 -1


Ian Reed's film demonstrates the effectiveness of lighting a moving actor.  

IMGP2611 -1

Andy Wills on guitar in "I Wish"

Best day of my life

Jill Lampert's "The Best Day of My Life" film featured Birmingham Youth Theatre

Upton Ct Grab 2
Austria Grab 1

Patrick Woodcock's music video and holiday movie were both set to music

IMGP2631 -1

Roger Lawrie's "To Autumn" is based on the poem by Keats

Robert and Kyora

Ian Lane's film featured his nephew Rober Lane with Kyshona Armstrong "Break Me Down"

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