24th January 2019

Montage 24 Jan
Mike D

Fiona Dunn asked each member to say something about what they got out of SCMM and what it made them feel.  Common themes were friendship, fun and learning.  “Belonging” was the word used by one member.  Others said “We’re like a family” and "A film school".  Another member pointed out that having activities with deadlines, such as challenges gave him the motivation he needed to get films finished.

David tea break
Andy tea break
Mike P's group
Roger's Group
Alex's group
jack's group

Debbie Daniels then showed three advertisements and invited audience discussion.

In the last part of the evening we got together in groups and each group planned how an advertisement for Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers might be made with a story, and grabbing the emotions.


Jill Lampert set the ball rolling with an introduction to advertisements.  She'd watched a lot of them on the internet in preparation for this evening and been struck by how many had children or animals in them.  Why?  Because advertisers want to grab our emotions.  She went on to analyse a storytelling advertisement - both its story arc and the emotions it created for her

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