24th May 2018

Mike Duxbury on "The Magic is in the Edit"

Mike is a member of SCMM and has a wealth of experience as an editor for mainstream television.


Mike Duxbury


Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers arrive for the meeting.

Mike used a powerpoint presentation with plenty of clips to illustrate the points he wanted to make.

Tonight he chose 'holiday films' as his first topic.   He covered many aspects of this form of documentary including the commentary, grabbing the audience's emotions and especially the importance of finding an overarching theme to tie together the parts of any documentary.

Later Mike looked at how to edit clips of a 'process' and how music and sound effects can lift a film.

Finding a theme: as an example Mike used Roger Lawrie's film  "Doc's Not Home" which is about Port Isaac in Cornwall.


Mike showed us four themes he'd found in Roger's film: filming, industry, rescue and narrow alleys.


Searching for an overall theme to tie these topics together, Mike found "Pretty Village"


With "Pretty village" as the overarching theme, Mike showed how the film could be re-edited with the sequences re-ordered and that they would now all fall into place because St Isaacs is a Pretty Village.

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