25th January 2018

Many of us have had a go at acting in a film or at directing actors in our films, and we are very much feeling our way with this.   Julie was invited to the Club to give us tips which might help us to improve our directing and help the actors to give more convincing performances.

Julie's experience is in Radio (she's been a director of The Archers on Radio 4 for many years) and on the stage (she is a long-standing director of the theatre group Festival Arts).  For the evening with us she prepared an excellent presentation which dealt with the differences between stage, radio and film acting.  In many ways radio acting is closer to film than stage acting.  Actors need to 'be real' on film and on the radio, whereas on stage they tend to have to project themselves and use exaggerated movements.

The evening was practical as well as informative.

Julie had us all standing up and saying words we knew by heart...any words.  It could be a poem or a snippet from a Shakespeare play or a nursery rhyme.  We were invited to say these words and express different emotions as we did so.  For example one time we were all asked to say these words angrily.  Another time we were saying them in a loving/wooing way.

She gave us many useful pointers for how to get the best out of actors, but stressed the need to be flexible and to be sensitive to what might help different actors.  Very helpful to get tips from someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Julie.  If we are able to put into practice all her suggestions, we'll move up a notch!

Julie on a chair
Julie with audience

Julie Beckett directing us

Julie answered questions about The Archers

Guest Speaker - Julie Beckett                      -                    Subject "Directing Actors"

David Bardell Alex

Andy and Yingyue Wills, David Bardell, Fiona Dunn, Alex Clinch, Steve Jakab

Ian Alan Steve

Ian Lane, Alan Moore, Steve Jakab

Bob Pol and Christine

Bob and Pol Wood (Derby Movie Makers), Christine Woodcock

Julie Jill Doug

Julie Beckett, Jill Lampert, Doug Hemmings

Paula and Roger

Paula Webster, Roger Lawrie

Alex and Andy

Alex Clinch, Andy Wills

Julie Beckett

Julie Beckett

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