25th May 2017


Andy Wills and Jill Lampert - Lighting for Mood


A black screen is used to separate the lighting setup on the right from the projection of the lighting effect on the left.  The black dividing screen helps to reduce light spill between the two areas.  The audience had a good view of both areas from any seat in the hall.

With a basic scene of two people sitting on chairs talking to each other, SCMM members Andy and Jill put together six different lighting setups, each designed to demonstrate a different mood.  

Andy and Jill had rehearsed the lighting arrangements in their own homes so as to minimise the time taken to position the lights on the night.

The lighting setups were based on an article in Videomaker: See Here

While Andy adjusted the lighting for each mood, Jill attempted to explain what they were trying to achieve.  Members contributed with lots of lively comments and suggestions and were very ready to take a turn at being the subject of the lighting demo.

At the end of the evening SCMM members Ian Reed, Steve Jakab and Roger Lawrie demonstrated some of their lighting instruments.


Jill Spouting
Jill Christine and Ann
Jill Andy and Ann


The first four setups had two LED panel lights (as keylights) and 2 LED focusable spotlights (as backlights).  Umbrellas, frosting and flags made out of foamcore were used as necessary. The final two setups used a single LED focusable spotlight.


Setup 1 - soft lights - virtually no shadows -  emotionally neutral - ‘high key’ - news, sitcoms, happy scenes.

Setup 2 - soft lights with just a little shadow - reduced fill -  more interesting - a little more serious

Setup 3 - harder lights - less fill - more shadow - more serious and dramatic


Setup 4 - similar to setup 3 but trying to get rid of the background (not totally successfully) with the use of flags to prevent spill onto the background.  With no background it can be very dramatic perhaps signifying impending doom?

Setup 5 - just one light above and between the two people.  On left with tungsten gel.  On right daylight. Similar to being under a streetlight - could be loneliness, danger or forbidden love?


Setup 6 - just one light focused on the background - creates a silhouette - Danger? Forbidden love? Secret identity?

Lighting instruments demonstrated and explained by SCMM members


Steve Jakab with his new on camera LED light.

Ian Reed with his new LED lights.


Ian Reed with blackwrap - for use as a temporary flag/barn doors.

Roger Lawrie with an ancient SCMM light which he has revived by adding a new bulb socket and buying a 35watt CFL bulb.

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