28th February 2019

One Minute Movie Challenge - Theme - "Cleaning"

Screen frame standing up
Screen on floor

The evening began with six films from other CEMRIAC clubs:

  1. Polish up your Game - Alicia, Harry, Hugh, Norma, Tony and Valerie of Wyvern Amateur Video Enthusiasts (W.A.V.E)

  2. The Window Cleaner’s Lament – Larry Hall of Chesterfield Movie Makers

  3. Spic and Span - Gerry Bishop of Nuneaton Moviemakers

  4. Henry - Robert Mason of Lichfield Movie Makers

  5. Cleaning Windows - Larry Hall of Chesterfield Film Makers

  6. Washing Instructions - John Fox of Chesterfield Film Makers

Jill with Big Screen

Jill Lampert introduces the first film shown on the BIG screen.

Big Screen

We have bought a new screen!  Tonight we had fun putting it all together.  The films looked FANTASTIC!

Screen stands bigger
Screen stands

These were followed by 12 of our own films.  Most were on the theme of 'cleaning', but the rules are fairly relaxed, and we were happy to show a few that were on other subjects:

                      1. Mr Clean, The Feminists’ Version! – Jack Reid

                      2. Cleaning Done - Andy Wills

                      3. Kill The Indian In The Child - Roger Lawrie

                      4. Dust If You Must - Ian Lane

                      5. Dolphin Day - Debbie Daniels

                      6. Prefab - David Bardell

                      7. All in a Day's Work - Ann & Arthur Fletcher

                      8. Hit - Robin Slater

                      9. The Package - Andy Wills

                      10. Edinburgh Castle One O’clock Gun - Tim Easton

                      11. Fluff - Jill Lampert

                      12. Fine Art Restoration - Ian Lane

And finally a few extra films which were well over one minute long, but were both on the ‘cleaning’ theme:

                      1. Did the Cat clean the Silver? – Gordon Hunt

                      2. A Friday Evening – Patrick Woodcock

the Hit
Kill the Indian in the Child
Fine Art restoration
Tim and Julian
Ann and Fiona
In the kitchen
Mike and Rob
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