28th May 2020

Paul Kittel

Making Historical Films 

Paul Kittel was our guest speaker tonight. He had prepared a half hour filmed presentation on how he makes historical films. The example he gave was a film made with Chris Tarrant on the Holocaust Railways.

Paul took us through the whole process, from preparation and research to filming on location.  His film makes extensive use of archive material as well as interviews.  He showed how valuable it was to include amongst his interviewees a Holocaust survivor who was articulate and able to remember key moments.  He also demonstrated the importance of a good presenter.

After we watched the film, we had a Q & A session with Paul where he explained more about the making of the documentary and about his own life/work as a documentary filmmaker.

In the words of one of our members “Thank you Paul, for giving us a brilliant insight into making documentaries, and for sharing how you approach your research and putting together your 'ingredients' of PTC, voiceovers, locations, archive material, maps and graphics, eye witnesses and experts. “



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