30th April 2020

Favourite Scenes


Members (other than the committee) were asked to select a Club film from the Club films page on the SCMM website and choose a scene that they really liked.  They were not allowed to choose a scene from a film that they had had any involvement in, and only one scene from each film was allowed.


During the online meeting we watched the scenes and heard from the people who chose the scenes and from the writers/directors of the scenes.  It was a wonderful reminder of what great work Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers has done.


David Bardell’s film about an incident in the Falklands War provoked a lot of discussion including one member’s memories of taking part as a soldier in the Falklands War.

  1. Operation Black HatMainly written and directed by Gordon Hunt. ‘Change from Tim to Julian’ scene selected by: Arthur Fletcher.


  1. Revlooshun - Written by Julian Austwick. Directed by Gordon Hunt. ‘Bottles on the Hill’ scene selected by:  Paul Fielding.


  1. Moving Oleta - Ann and Arthur Fletcher’s Film. Directed by Gordon Hunt. “Flashback” scene selected by: Patrick Woodcock.


  1. The Decision - Written and Directed by Julian Austwick. “Final scene” selected by: Ian Lane.


  1. How the Other Half Lives ­Ian Reed’s film. “Mirror scene” selected by Ann Fletcher.


  1. The Letter – Written and directed by Ann and Arthur Fletcher. “Café conversation” scene selected by Jules Hayes.


  1. It Won’t Take a Minute - Written by Mike Hussey. Directed by Julian Austwick. Steve in the bath scene selected by:  Andy Wills


  1. Moving On - Written and directed by Ann and Arthur Fletcher. “Opening” scene selected by Jack Reid.


  1. A Helping Hand – Written and directed by Debbie Daniels. “Leah” scene selected by Paula Webster.


  1. Operation Black Buck - A film made by David Bardell to commemorate the 38th anniversary of this Falklands War event.



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