4th June 2020

Doug Hemmings - Film Sound

Doug had prepared a 30 minute presentation on Film Sound.  It began with us watching an introduction to film sound on YouTube:  Film Sound Techniques and Theory

Doug explained that sound is at least as important as images in film.  He took us through the uses of sound in film and how it can help to tell the story, as well as explaining the practical aspects of building up a soundtrack.

Finally he introduced us to ways of obtaining music and sound effects for our projects.  These included websites for downloading music/sound effects either free or for payment and also the possibility of creating our own music via Garage Band (for Mac) or Mixpad (for PCs).  He reminded us that there is AKM music available on the Members area of the SCMM website and links to Royalty Free music on our Media page.

There was a lively discussion after the presentation including the importance of attributing ‘Creative Commons’ or any other music which is provided free on the basis that it will be attributed,  as well as consideration of when the IAC music licence can be used.


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