7th May 2020

Gordon Hunt on Colour Correction
Premiere of “Let’s Work Together”
By Ann ‘n Arf


Gordon had prepared an excellent introduction to Colour Correction  which we all watched – temporarily moving out of Zoom to our browsers – and then Gordon took questions live in the Zoom meeting.  These comments from Zoom Chat show how much we enjoyed it:

“Very interesting, Gordon!”

“very good film Gordon”

“That was excellent. Gordon”

“Well done Gordon Loved the green light on Fiona did not realise the masking.”

“very interesting, but for now I'm just happy if I record something, so for no will stick with auto till I learn a bit more.”

“I did not realise how the green drone light was done.  Excellent!”

“Very interesting, Gordon, and well-explained - I need to think about this sort of thing much more”

“Thank you, a really nice explanation of colour correction”

“Brilliant video gordon. Having zero technical knowledge at all that was very helpful.”

“Huge subject Gordon. You made it easy for most .”

“Thank you, Gordon, good explanation! I'm gonna try working with more CC!”



In the second part of the evening we watched Ann ‘n Arf’s film “Let’s Work Together”.   It was Ann’s idea to invite members to sing along to Canned Heat’s song and send in their own versions (without the sound from the original).  Ann and Arf then edited it together.  Sixteen members had a go!  Ann and Arf called them the Supergroup.  The edit was a HUGE operation.

The film was made during the Coronavirus Lockdown, and the Club is hoping to raise some money for NHS Charities Together.

After the meeting Robin wrote to Skip Taylor of Canned Heat, and he replied that they “Loved it” and would share it!

And finally we watched Gordon’s own version of “Let’s Work Together”.  He’d cleverly woven in clips of SCMM working together on club films!



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