8th June 2017

Video Cup Competition

Our biggest competition of the year was this year judged by Roz Gower, who has years of experience as a professional filmmaker.  She gave us appreciative and useful feedback both verbally and in writing.

The Entries were:

  1. Bad Blood - Julian Austwick
  2. Feel Good Breathing Fire - Jill Lampert
  3. How Should I Feel? -  Fiona Dunn
  4. Perchance Its Awake!  - Ian Reed
  5. Making a Cup of Tea - Steve Jakab
  6. Man Is Like a Rat - Roger Lawrie
  7. Let It Be - Jill Lampert
  8. Settling In  - Arthur and Ann Fletcher
  9. Friends - Julian Austwick
  10. History in The Making - Jill Lampert
  11. Teardrop Tattoo - Ian Lane
  12. Only Lyon - Patrick Woodcock
  13. A Cup Above The Rest - Mike Duxbury

Winner - Friends - Julian Austwick

2nd Place - Teardrop Tattoo  - Ian Lane

3rd Place - Settling In - Arthur and Ann Fletcher

4th Place - A Cup Above the Rest -  Mike Duxbury


Left to right: Jack Grainger who co-starred in Friends.  Roz Gower and Julian Austwick


The evening ended with a surprise 70th Birthday Tribute film for SCMM member Jill Lampert.

The film was a compilation of contributions from many SCMM members hosted and edited by Ian Reed.

Jill was presented with generous Gift Vouchers, flowers, a chocolate medal and cards.  Jill says “It was a complete surprise! Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful birthday!”

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