9th April 2020

Robin Slater on Drones


Because of the Coronavirus social distancing, meetings at Wylde Green Community Hall have been cancelled for the rest of this season.

Tonight was our first ever ONLINE club meeting.   Robin had prepared an excellent presentation, which he’d put online for us to watch during the meeting: Drones in Social Isolation.

During the week or so before the meeting members had been encouraged to join Zoom and small practise Zoom meetings were set up to familiarise ourselves with the software.  On the night there were 24 people on Zoom plus four attendees sharing their partner’s computer screen. So a very good turnout!

Robin began by reminding people how to use the ‘chat’ window and how to ‘raise’ their hands.  Then he invited each person to say ‘hello’ while he unmuted them and then muted them again.  And then we were given a link to Robin’s film and we all watched it outside Zoom through our browsers.

On our return there was a question and answer session. Robin’s presentation generated a lot of interest.  With humour and very clear explanations he took us through how  a drone works, how it has been used in some well known films and finally showed us his favourite shots and when and why they might be used.

Robin has set the bar high for online SCMM meetings!

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