9th February 2017


Script Competition

Left back: Ian Reed, Patrick Woodcock, Ian Lane, Neil Pountney.  Right back: Ann Fletcher, Doug Hemmings, Mike Hussey.  Front left to right: Jack Reid, Julian Austwick, Jack Grainger and Paul Horton

We had an unprecedented 20 Entries!

The ‘scripts’ (really short synopses of stories) were judged by audience vote with each SCMM member awarding each script (apart from their own!) marks out of 10.  The winning scripts were:

Winner: Ann and Arthur Fletcher’s “Moving On”

Runner up: Jack Reid’s “A Ghost in the Machine”

3rd Place: Donal Ferris’ “Memory Bank”


1.  “Get Out” by  Ian Reed - A trapped daughter trying to escape from her father.

2.  “Race to Deaths Door” by  Julian Austwick - An ageing Grandmother calls her relatives to tell them she is about to die.

3.  “Retribution” by Mike Hussey - A short video with a soundtrack of low-key spooky music

4.  “Delayed Journey” by  Patrick Woodcock - A delayed train obliges a rep to find accommodation for the night.

5.   “Memory Bank” by Donal Ferris - Young man struggles with anxiety and takes a strong step to address his problems.

6.  “Ghost in the Machine” by Jack Reid - Two Mates trying to get a photograph of a ghost

7.  “Full Circle” by Paul Horton - A classic sports cars journey from owner to owner, 'moving' the lives of everyone it encounters

8.  “Locked In” by Ian Lane - A person is locked in a room but doesn't know why.

9.  “Moving On” by Ann & Arthur Fletcher - Emotional family drama

10.  “Fred” by  Doug Hemmings - The ghostly story of Fred.

11.  “A Gay-Fish Called Wanda” by Jack Grainger - A man learns to accept his pet fish’s homosexuality

12.  “Whatever Next” by Neil Pountney - A life Changing Experience

13.  “Murder at the Manor” by  Patrick Woodcock - A Millers lad is accused of the death of a young Heiress.

14.  “Shadows” by Ian Reed - Drug Barron’s revenge on undercover cop

15.  “No Imagination!” by Julian Austwick - A comedy about four random strangers are taken to a fantasy world.

16.  “Examiners Meeting” by  Mike Hussey - An examination board is reconvened after an appeal from a student who has failed her final examinations

17.  “The Waiting Room” by Ian Lane - The main character annoys patients waiting for an operation

18.  “The Nags Head” by Mike Hussey - The Secret Names of Pubs

19.  “Blind Date” by Patrick Woodcock - A young man finds that he has asked a girl out who is in fact blind.

20.  “Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall” by Mike Hussey - Nursery Rhymes – What do they mean?


Tim Easton (Competitions Secretary) with Ann and Arthur Fletcher, winners of the Script Competition 2017.

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