9th January 2020

A practical evening!

Gordon Hunt introduced the basics of how Green Screen/Chroma Key works.

This was followed by a practical demonstration by Alan Moore.  He used an 18 inch doll for his subject.  He had a MacBook with OBS Studio installed, and a webcam with a 2x multiplier lens attached by a special adapter he’d made himself.  The great advantage of having OBS was that we could all see the subject in the desired background with chroma key applied instantly!

Alan showed the importance of lighting the subject separately from the Green Screen and demonstrated moving the character around on the screen and varying her size to suit the background.



Gordon Hunt then showed us some examples of his own green screen projects and explained the importance of getting the horizon and camera angle right.

After that it was our turn!  We had three green screens set up.  Each with lights brought in by members.  Each little section had at least one laptop/MacBook with an iPhone or webcam or Action Cam attached to it, and OBS installed. So we could all see the immediate results of our experiments.  Some members had a laugh going in front of the green screen.  Others brought in their camcorders and tripods so that they could film some green screen footage to try out at home with their own editors.

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