Programme 2023 – 2024

Programme of club meetings for the season.

Programme 2022 – 2023

Programme of club meetings for the season.

Programme 2021 – 2022

Programme of club meetings for the season.

Programme 2020 – 2021

Programme of club meetings for the season.

4th June 2020

Doug Hemmings - Film Sound

28th May 2020

Paul Kittel Making Historical Films 

21st May 2020

Paul Fielding Making of The Studio

14th May 2020

Buddy Movies

7th May 2020

Gordon Hunt on Colour Correction

30th April 2020

Favourite Scenes

23rd April 2020

Challenge: 5 Minute film with a Person in it

9th April 2020

Robin Slater on Drones

12th March 2020

Fayyaz Virji – Composer, Arranger, Producer and Musician Music in Film

27th February 2020

One Minute Challenge ++

13th February 2020

Paula Webster on “Living Wild in South America”

23rd January 2020

Script Evening + Julian Austwick

9th January 2020

Green Screen Evening

12th December 2019

Fish ‘n Chip Night

28th November 2019

EGM + Music Video/Soundscape Challenge

14th November 2019

The Chocolate Soldier Competition

24th October 2019

Holiday Challenge

10th October 2019

Midland Movie Makers League

26th September 2019

Making of Bella

External Events 2019-2020

Events which may be of interest to members.

Programme 2019-2020

Programme of club meetings for the season.

10th June 2019

Open Video Cup

23rd May 2019

Editing + Finding the Story

9th May 2019

The Five Minute Challenge

25th April 2019


11th April 2019

Midland Movie Makers League

28th March 2019

Make an Advert in an Evening

14th March 2019

Genre + Discussion on Oscar Winning Films

28th February 2019

One Minute Movie Challenge - Cleaning

14th February 2019

Script and Story Evening

24th January 2019


10th January 2019

Soundscape, Lighting, Camera Angles

13th December

Fish 'n Chips

22nd November 2018

Music Video Challenge

8th November 2018

The Chocolate Soldier Trophy

25th October 2018

Guest Speaker: Benjamin Field

11th October 2018

The Hol-1-Day Challenge

27th September 2018

Fabio Bezaori - Documentaries and Feedback

28th June 2018

Annual General Meeting

14th June 2018

Open Video Cup

24th May 2018

Mike Duxbury on "The Magic is in the Edit"

10th May 2018

Roz Gower - How to find and research a Documentary story

26th April 2018

Practical Session - film a short script in an evening

12th April 2018

One Minute Egg Challenge and more films

22nd March 2018

Larry Hall - Award Winning Filmmaker

8th March 2018

MMM League + Coaching for Voiceovers

22nd February 2018

Script Ideas + Stabilising Devices

8th February 2018

Premiere of "A Helping Hand"

25th January 2018

Julie Beckett - "Directing Actors"

11th January 2018

Camera Tournament + Gadget Show

14th December 2017

Fish 'n Chips 'n Clips

23rd November 2017

Music Video Challenge

9th November 2017

The Chocolate Soldier

26th October 2017


12th October 2017

Holiday Movie Challenge

28th September 2017

Sound on Location

Programme 2017-2018 (Archive)

This Programme is for the 2017-2018 season Meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month between September and June,  and we usually start at 7.45 for 8pm. New Members, please note that during the year there are opportunities to engage in group film making and join in many activities which take place […]

22nd June 2017

Annual General Meeting

8th June 2017

Video Cup Competition

25th May 2017

Lighting for Mood

11th May 2017

The Power of Editing

27th April 2017

John Bridcut - Telling Stories on Film

13th April 2017

One Minute and Five Minute Competitions

23rd March 2017

Breakfast TV

9th March 2017

Creative process

23rd February 2017

Midland Movie Makers League

9th February 2017

Script Competition

26th January 2017

"Fear of Feedback"

12th January 2017

Vox Pops, Pieces to Camera, and Interviews

8th December 2016

Fish ‘n Chips ‘n Clips

24th November 2016

Music Video Competition

10th November 2016

The Chocolate Soldier

27th October 2016

“Engaging an audience - theories”

13th October 2016

Holiday Video Competition

22nd September 2016

Laurence Saunders

8th September 2016

The Making of "I'm Losing You"

Programme 2016-2017 (Archive)

Programme 2016-2017 (Archive)

Previous Meeting Reports (Archive)

Previous Meeting Reports (Archive)
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