Scriptwriting Tip 1



The genre with very often define your story. It exists and works because fundamentally it tells us what emotion we can expect to feel while we experience a certain story. As a writer it is important to understand your genre(s).

Genre Type Gives Audience

Comedy: Laughter & Humour
Horror: Fear
Action: Excitement & Danger, leading to Elation & Triumph
Thriller: Excitement & Suspense
Psychological Thriller: Uncertainty & Anticipation
Science Fiction, Superheroes, Fantasy & Religious Stories
Awe & Wonder (often Exotic)
Drama Concern (for better or worse) for other people & what will happen to them.
Mystery Confusion & Revelation
Crime Fascination with how others can do the unthinkable
Romance Love & Affection
These can of course be blended & often have the most success

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